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Creative Mornings Cardiff

It’s probably been about a year since I started working with the awesome team at Creative Mornings Cardiff. We’ve covered themes like Revolution, Ink Art and loads more and heard from some incredible people in the  process. Check out the Creative Mornings Cardiff page and see what we’re up to on Twitter @CM_Cardiff. Here’s my… Read more »

South Indian Music and Me

A Podcast from the wonderful New Welsh Review: Me talking all about our Wales Arts International trip to South India to learn about Carnatic art music with Dr Robert Smith. Never realised quite how often I use the word  ’incredibly’ before! Working with Divakar Subramanium at the School of Indian Film Music we learned about… Read more »

Sarah Waters

I’m terribly excited, I must confess. It isn’t every day, even working as a journalist,  that you’re offered the chance to interview one of your literary heroes. This week I chatted to novelist Sarah Waters for Cardiff’s Buzz Magazine. We chatted on all manner of topics; from lesbian sex to British social history; from feminism to… Read more »

Haiku for Yu!

I’ve recently been seized with a dramatic enthusiasm the Japanese poetry for Haiku. I’ve been trying to write one a day for 100 days with the wonderful Beth Giles’ artwork. Check out for haiku sillyness, puns, nonsense and artwork!

Shadow Dance – Angela Carter

Reading anything by Angela Carter is like being seduced into an inescapable and highly sensual love affair. Her words reach inside to the most intimate parts of you; touching you, moving you so that you are hers forever.Shadow Dance is one of the most disturbing and enchanting things I have ever read. It is utterly captivating and… Read more »